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The Edge and Helena Christensen helped raise $1.4 million at Can-Do Awards.Two days later, and I’m still thinking about the fantastic Food Bank of New York’s Can-Do Awards.

* There was that performance by Buckwheat Zydeko (with special guest and honoree Emeril Lagasse playing washboards).

* There were those amazingly entertaining live pledges projected on a huge screen. Here are a few of them:
“Mario you cheap b******. $2000 The Edge.” (A joke: Mario Batali contributed a significant amount of money.) “Let’s all go up to 116th St and serve some delicious chicken. $1500 from Helena Christensen.” (The Food Bank’s Community Kitchen is on 116th St.) “$5,000 from the Lagasse family, xoxo.” And let’s recognize MC Stanley Tucci, who donated $10,000 twice—the largest pledges.

* And most importantly, there were the numbers. The event raised an astounding $1.4 million, which can provide up to 7 million meals for hungry New Yorkers. A good portion of that money came from the live auction, which brought in $250,000, including a dinner cooked by Mario, Tom Colicchio and David Chang, which went for $100,000 and was labeled “The Three Tenors.” Although, hopefully none of them will sing at the dinner.

Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse

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Mario Batali and Emeril LaGasse helped raise money too.