Unlike my healthy colleague Jen Murphy, I’m not planning a Blueprint Cleanse anytime soon—lucky me. Because I’m just hearing details on Jacques Torres’s new NYC ice-cream store and it’s making me crazy. Starting on Friday at his Hudson Street location—doors open right at 9 am—Jacques will be selling scoops of his fabulous ice cream in cups and homemade cones. Ice-cream sandwiches will be made to order. The marquee ice cream parlor itself will open on May 30th in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood at 62 Water St., next to the original Torres store. (Time Out's The Feed has details on Torres's ice cream carts which he'll deploy at his other NYC stores.) There you’ll eventually be able to choose from among fourteen flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. Think wicked chocolate flavored with chipotle and ancho chiles exactly like his hot chocolate (but, well, frozen), as well as an outrageous rum caramel ice cream and a very refreshing raspberry sorbet. He’ll also make Belgian waffles and hot fudge—in short, I’ve got a good chance of fulfilling every ice-cream dream I've ever had. I plan to get started at nine am on Friday.