By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 09, 2015
© OLIVIA HARRIS/Reuters/Corbis

If you've ever thought your French fine dining needs more L.A.-skater chic, thenHong Kong may have the restaurant for you. French-style restaurant cum graffiti gallery, Bibo, designed by a street artist of the same name, combines delicate French-inspired food with an Asian twist with bold works from the biggest-name street artists out there.

Bibo boasts art from almost all the big names you might have seen in the news, in museums, or in Banksy's famous semi-documentary Exit Through the Giftshop, and many mainstream pop art celebrities. Gracing Bibo's walls are paintings and hangings by Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arsham, Jeff Koons, King of Kowloon, Shepard Fairey, Takashi Murakami, and Yayoi Kusama. As if that wasn't enough to give you star struck art overload already, Bibo also has installations by Vhils, Invader, JonOne, Stohead, Kaws, JR, Mr Brainwash, Ella & Pitr, Mist, and MadC.

Little is known about the artist behind the project, but he certainly had a clear vision: "Bibo is a space that I had never seen before; I wanted to see it but couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s a vision that passion has brought to reality…At the core of the project is an artistic concept. I invited street artists from around the world to create installations directly on the walls, even before the design was finalized. Alcoves, doors, walls, ceilings have been used by the street artists as surfaces to express themselves. We wanted things to look slightly unfinished, but in an organic way. It makes the artists feel more at home."

However, if the restaurant was created as an homage to underdog art, Bibo falls short. With appetizers in the $150 range, main courses around $350, not many of the street artists we know could afford to dine there, let alone regular restaurant goers. So maybe, for the sake of all of our finances, street art is best appreciated on streets for now.