By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 15, 2015
© Pop Chart Lab has more than 300,000 beers in their database—a rather daunting number. So you can’t fault Pop Chart Lab for picking just over 600 beers to include on their new poster, “The Diagram of Beer.” It’s still a pretty impressive list that starts with the two basic categories of beer—lagers and ales—and then spins those off into over 100 more specific styles before providing some solid examples of each one.

Sure, we’ve seen posters very similar to this one in the past, but much like how the brewing business currently seems to have endless room for growth, so does the beer poster biz. So many new breweries produce so many new styles (seriously, what the hell is a “session double IPA”?) that the beer poster you hung last year may feel obsolete today.

Obsolescence aside, this poster will give you a couple hundred new beers to try, and that’s never a bad thing.