By Clara Olshansky
Updated October 16, 2015
Credit: © Kid Licks

Nail biters, rejoice: This polish is totally safe to eat. Kid Licks nail polishes come in a variety of colors and flavors. Not only are they safe to ingest, but they're made from 100 percent organic ingredients—so it's practically healthy. And while the brand began as two parents trying to make safer nail polish for their young daughters, there's no reason you can't get in on this edible action too.

The nail polishes come in health food-y flavors like Barley Grass Green, Beet Red and Sour Carrot Orange. They’re made entirely from ingredients that can be found in a kitchen—albeit a fairly new-age kitchen with ingredients like organic acacia—and they come off when you wash your hands in water. Or when you lick them off your nails, if that's more your style.

Founded by SoCal mom Audrey Amara and her husband Josh Kroot, Kid Licks was originally conceived to protect their 4-year-old daughter from ingesting toxic chemicals when she wanted to put on nail polish like Mommy. But it's become more than that. As Amara put it, "I see Kid Licks not as only an edible, organic nail polish, but a way of life. Hopefully we can use our product to inspire people to take an interest in what is in the products that they use every day."

Kid Licks bottles sell for $14 a pop, or $35 for a set of three.