This week we learned about babies named Cheese, divorce over peas, a dangerous new way to cook turkey and more. 

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 23, 2017

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let F&W do it for you. Here, four of the most absurd food items we saw this week.

Divorce Over Peas: We all have our little dining quirks. Some people put hot sauce on everything, others eat pizza with a knife and fork, and one man in Kuwait eats his peas using bread rather than a fork. Because of that, his wife filed for divorce. According to Al Arabiya News, she claimed that seeing him eat that way was a “shocking sight.”

Only Starbucks for a Year: One year ago Beautiful Existence, a 40-year-old Seattle woman, set a goal for herself: To only eat food from Starbucks for an entire year. And she did it. Why did she do it? In an early blog post she wrote that she wanted to do it because she loved “being human.” Existence celebrated her achievement with a plate of fish and chips.

3D-Printed Chocolate Faces: This Valentine’s Day, show your significant other that you really care by giving him or her a 3D-printed chocolate mask of your face. Made by Choc Edge, a British company, the masks can be made in dark, milk or white chocolate. All you need to do is send in an image of your face to the company’s website and pay £50 to £80 ($80 to $130).

The Coolest Way to Cook a Turkey: Sadly, this video of a man cooking a turkey with the flames from the exhaust pipe of a Lamborghini Aventador comes to us too late to use it for a holiday feast. But if deep-frying a turkey isn’t dangerous enough for you, then you’ll want to keep this method in mind for next year.

Babies Named Cheese: According to, the name Cheese is on the rise. Of the 500,000 new parents surveyed, nine of them dubbed their offspring Cheese. What will the next big food name be? Our money is on Quinoa.