Webb shares his favorite food cities, his eating challenge tips and what he’ll bring to the fifth season of the show.
Casey Webb of Man V. Food
Credit: Courtesy of Travel Channel

Participating in an eating challenge can be fun, but taking them on as a profession? That takes a particular type of person. However, Casey Webb, the new host of the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, is just the guy for the job.

A food lover, actor and restaurant industry vet, Webb is ready to help reboot the show that launched a million eating challenges when it returns on August 7th with back-to-back episodes in New York and Milwaukee. Here’s everything you need to know about the new “Man” in Man v. Food, Casey Webb.

He loves the restaurant industry.

While Webb may not have a ton of experience taking on the over-the-top challenges that Man v. Food is known for, the restaurant industry is a world that he’s very accustomed to. Webb started as a dishwasher in a Jersey Shore pizza shop as a kid and most recently, he was bartending in Brooklyn while acting on the side. “It’s been a world that I’m very comfortable with and I've been a part of for most of my life,” he says.

For him, the food was only the third biggest draw of the show.

While Webb loves to eat, it’s not the part of being the new “Man” that he was most excited for. “For me, it’s all about the people and the travel and the food, probably in that order,” he says. “Travel truly is one of my big loves and when I go to a new city, the first people I often get to meet are in restaurants. It’s almost like coming home.”

He only discovered his new favorite food city this year.

While Webb had seen much of the U.S. before being cast in the new show, he had never visited the city that now has his heart (or stomach) until recently. “I happened to go to New Orleans earlier this year and then I found out we we’re going to be filming there, which was a great surprise,” he says. “When you get to revisit a place in such a short span of time, it can be really powerful. I got to revisit some of my favorite places for po’ boys and creole food, along with discovering new spots too.”

‘Man v. Food’s format remains the same, but he plans to bring a new joy to the show.

While Man v. Food’s structure will be largely unchanged for the new season, Webb plans to bring his own unique approach to the show. “In terms of personality, the new show will just have a new element because there’s a new ‘Man’ at the helm,” he says. “I try to bring a lot of joy into cooking and eating and meeting new people and I think that really comes through in my experience and in what I can bring to show.”

He's already thinking ahead to (possible) locations for season two.

Along with New York and Milwaukee, Webb will visit Chicago, Houston, Billings (MO), Charleston, Sleepy Hollow, New Orleans, Portland (OR), and Des Moines during this season’s 10 episodes. However, he’s already got his first locaton picked out for season two. “I want to get wild and go to Alaska,” says Webb. “I want to hang out up there and meet those folks and see what they’re eating.”

His best piece of advice for eating challenge rookies.

Webb jokes that the best thing novice eating challenge participants can do is never give up and never stop eating, but for him, it's much more about having a support network present. “Seriously, make sure you have some friends around you cheering you on," he says. "It’s all about the energy in the room and having folks show up because that completely changes the feeling of the challenge.”