No wine for the Braavosian banker, a dwindling grain supply and drunken secrets revealed. 

By Max Bonem
Updated July 31, 2017
Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO

We finally made it, the moment we have ALL been waiting for after six plus seasons of Game of Thrones: Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank of Braavos has come to King's Landing to collect! Oh, and Dany and Jon finally met, that also happened.

While this week's episode also featured multiple battles, along with one very disturbing scene that taught us all some valuable lessons about wet nurses and motherhood, it wouldn't be complete without some Westerosi meals and drinking sessions. As we continue our recounting all the food moments—the good, the bad and the ugly—from Game of Thrones' shortened seven episode season, here is everything that was consumed during episode three, “The Queen's Justice”


Cersei drinks alone when discussing her debts with the Iron Bank.

Remember when the slogan "A Lannister always pays his debts," showed up on the bumper sticker of every Lannister horse? Well, now that winter has finally come, Cersei took it as an opportunity to bring back her family's creedo, all while attempting to enjoy a morning glass of what we must assume is the finest Dornish red. When Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank of Braavos arrived at King's Landing to inquire about the Lannister's mounting debts, Cersei offered him a glass of wine, only to be turned down. Alas, Cersei had to enjoy the first sip from her first bottle of the day solo. However, after what she was up to in the Red Keep, a bottle or two might treat her well.

Sansa learns Winterfell is going to be very hungry, very soon.

How long will 4,000 bushels of grain last in the Starks' ancestral home, Winterfell? Apparently a year (who knew there could be so many informative agriculture-based scenes). While Sansa was deciding to stockpile grain from loyal houses at Winterfell to make up for any potential shortfalls, she didn't miss an opportunity to also point out errors in the armory. Oh, and Bran showed up at the castle for the first time in years, but, uh, moving on.

Lady Olenna smashes her last goblet of wine, drops a bomb on Jaime.

Highgarden soldiers are not known for their fighting skills and the Lannister army, led by Jaime, marched through the Tyrell's city with ease before taking it as their own. In a gesture of mercy, Jaime offered Lady Olenna a painless, poisoned glass of wine in her own private chamber instead of being flayed or beheaded in King's Landing. Lady Olenna graciously accepts Jaime's offer, absolutely pounds her goblet and then reveals that she's the one who killed Joffrey. While she knows her role in the great game has finally come to a close, Lady Olenna's final move might just be the one that ends up completely unraveling her rival's house and family.