Credit: © Kevin Roberts

Sometimes you find love in the most ordinary of places, like the coffee shop or a bookstore or even your local McDonald’s. And if love is lurking in those locations, why can’t it be celebrated there as well? That seems to be the trend among couples who share not only an affection for each other, but for a brand as well. Most recently Hannah Schneider and Nathan Pearman of Birmingham, AL shot their engagement photos at a local Aldi grocery store (the Trader Joe's of Europe, which has earning an equally passionate following stateside).

It’s the latest in a trend of these retail location shoots. Here are a few of the happy couples that captured their impending marital bliss at a famous chain.

One couple value-sized their romance at Costco.

Emmerlee Photography / Via

Emmerlee Photography / Via

This couple had their entire engagement party at a Hong Kong McDonald’s. They even shared a french fry kiss.

These two wrapped up their single lives into one with a tortilla at Chipotle.