By PureWow
Updated February 03, 2015
© David Cook / blueshiftstudios / Alamy

This piece originally appeared as What's the Deal with Frank Coffee Scrub? on PureWow.

For those like us who can’t start the day without an extra-hot skim latte (or, let’s be real, good ol’ fashioned Folgers), there’s now a new coffee trend to look out for.

It’s called Frank Scrub. It’s coffee that's used as a body exfoliant. We can’t get enough of it. Here’s why:

1. It targets all types of skin problems. That includes everything from dry skin, cellulite and stretch marks to eczema and scarring. Skin feels noticeably softer almost immediately, but keep up the scrubbing (best done in the shower, obviously) for several weeks and you’ll see your skin ailments fade.

2. It’s organic and loaded with minerals. Science has proven what we’ve known all along: Coffee has health benefits. Frank Scrub takes it even further and packs its original scrub ($15) with natural oils like sweet almond, vitamin E and lots of citrus.

3. It’s from Australia. Some of our favorite beauty brands like Aesop and Jurlique come from the Land Down Under. Plus, Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr, the Hemsworth brothers...

4. Its Instagram account is flawless. Seriously, take a look. But fair warning: There’s a lot of leg.