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Credit: © Chris Baker

Shopping under the influence comes with its pitfalls. It’s a good way to wake up with an Amazon cart full of ironic T-shirts and complete seasons of Perfect Strangers on DVD. But despite the dangers, a new service will make the process of purchasing while inebriated simpler than ever.

Drunk Shopping has only a skeleton of a website and no accompanying app (which is probably fine; how well do you navigate an app when you’re drunk anyway?): It is just a text service. Text "heyyyyyy"—the six y’s are important—to 551-333-7865, then every Sunday at 2 a.m. Drunk Shopping will text you with a link to purchase an item you would never appreciate while sober, like this Loch Ness Monster ladle. Whose kitchen wouldn’t look great with some Nessie paraphernalia?

Drunk shopping is the brainchild of former Buzzfeed advertising employee Chris Baker, whose previous work includes Seamless Roulette, which let you place random Seamless orders (and which Seamless demanded Baker and his friends shut down).

As with Seamless Roulette, Baker says he has no affiliation with any online stores and does not get a cut of any money that is drunk-spent. It seems he is doing this purely out of a desire to give a boost to the weird-random-crap sector of our economy.

And this should go without saying, but we hope everyone out there will drink and shop responsibly.