By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 15, 2015
© Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Weddings tend to be all about the bride. But couldn’t they be more about the bride? Well, the fashion industry has the answer, and the answer is: “Of course it can.”

Yes, the fashion world, which has worked so hard to set a standard of self-indulgence few industries can touch, is taking that self-indulgence to new heights now that designer Reem Acra has introduced the bridal selfie stick as part of her fall 2016 bridal collection.

For those who are trying to consciously avoid processing that statement, let me lay it out for you: It is a sparkling silver and lace-wrapped selfie stick that a bride can use to take selfies on her wedding day.

AsCosmopolitan puts it, in praise of the idea no less, “You can't trust a photographer — even a professional! — to capture your angles as well as you can.” As I’m sure completely emotionally broken fiancés everywhere put it, “Whatever you want, honey. It’s your big day.”