A company called MWEB recently unveiled a new product called #Dinnercam in the video above--to much irritation and mockery around the Internet. #Dinnercam (the hashtag is part of the name) is a lighting studio designed specifically for taking pictures of your food when you are out at a restaurant. And while there seems to be immediate consensus that #Dinnercam will elevate the practice of Instagramming your every meal to obnoxious new heights, we have to admit that the early photos released so far are looking pretty good. When you really need to capture that quesadilla with a container of sour cream next to it, #Dinnercam gets the job done. Still, for the moment, we'll do things the old fashioned way (natural light and photo-editing apps) thank you very much. We should also note that the technology seems to allow you to put a heart around your meal, which is terrible and looks like it belongs at the end of an awkward iMovie slideshow about how your parents fell in love.