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Drone delivery is less than a year old, but it may already have jumped the shark. When it first hit the scene, the process was fascinating. We loved seeing a burrito drop from a tiny airplane. Watching an unmanned quad-copter touch down flawlessly with a hot pizza was impressive. But when the Marquee Day Club in Las Vegas starting charging $20,000 for drone delivered bottle serviceover Memorial Day weekend, drone delivery officially lost its cute novelty status. Nevertheless, technology will march on and robot-delivered food is here to stay even if it doesn’t need to be. So before we all stop watching the videos, here is your definitive ranking of what you can get delivered by drone:

6. Champagne

Let’s be clear: The problem is not getting the bubbles brought to you. The easier it is to get Champagne, the better. But if you just paid $20,000 for aerial bottle service you probably have some other issues.

5. Coke

Soda is available on almost every street corner in every city in the world. No need to have it flown in.

4. Sushi

Sushi bars tend to be cramped as it is. Adding potentially dangerous flying robots to the mix might not be ideal.

3. Burritos

Flying burritos are not a bad idea, but dropping them from 500 feet with a parachute attached seems like it could do some serious damage to your carnitas.

2. Beer

If you’ve ever been ice fishing in the middle of a Minnesota winter, like these guys, you know what a problem it can be to run out of beer.

1. Pizza

This actually seems like a safer way to get a pizza, when compared to most of the delivery drivers.