Eco-friendly lifestyle guru Danny Seo's new collaboration with Wilsonart is a chic and easy way to give your entire kitchen a facelift—and you'll never guess what the inspiration is behind the stunning collection.

We've all seen kitchen countertops both made and inspired by forces of nature—marble, stone, wood, and metal—but for anyone looking for something new, different, and a bit... cooler, consider these sustainable laminate surfaces created by Wilsonart in collaboration with NBC's Danny Seo (of Naturally, Danny Seo) that are inspired by ice. Big, giant ice: Glaciers.

"I find inspiration everywhere in nature, and it seems the beautiful cool tones, colors, and patterns you find in glaciers are the last untapped design resources," Seo says. "The perfect artist is Mother Nature and the stunning patterns are familiar, yet fresh and modern." Available in light grays, whites, blacks, and dark blues, the abstract surfaces are available in Wilsonart's signature high pressure laminate. "They work as a gorgeous cool countertop, or to create a stunning effect when used vertically on walls," Seo says.

Sapphire Ice (above) features a large-scale stone design in white and blue as well as varying levels of transparency. Here's the inspiration behind it:

Diamond Ice is a warm white large-scale design with large gray veining.

Credit: Wilsonart

There's also the White Iceberg pattern and the Blue Iceberg pattern, which were created from actual photos of glaciers.

Credit: Wilsonart

Polar Hex is a medium-scale design created from hexagonal stone imagery.

Credit: Wilsonart

For more information and inspiration from the Slice of Ice by Danny Seo collection by Wilsonart, check out the brand's Pinterest page.