By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 09, 2015

If you have ever wished your sneakers looked more like a Saturday morning cartoon, we’ve got great news. This month, Vans announced two whimsical collaborations. From the rainbow blast of Vans x Slam Jam to the graphic cartoon impact we’re looking forward to from Vans x Murakami, this may be the most adorable summer skaters' feet have ever been.

Slam Jam is an Italian retailer specializing in streetwear. And while their rhetoric skews toward the insufferable—they focus on "deep delving into the kingdom of arts"—they certainly know how to roll out hyper-cool graphic products. Slam Jam’s collaboration with Carhartt—the touchstone of rugged, no-nonsense workwear—managed to seamlessly integrate hearts and polka dots into the brand's aesthetic. And judging by the promotional video, Slam Jam is working its magic on Vans, too.

You may remember Takashi Murakami from his emotionally moving cute-ification of Kanye West, from his physics-defying ability to make Louis Vuitton fun and whimsical or perhaps from his feature film Jellyfish Eyes. Little is known about his collaboration with Vans. The company hasn’t even released an image of the shoes yet, and the promotional picture doesn't tell us much. But we bet Murakami knows his way around the Vans aesthetic. "For the past 10-plus years, without exaggeration, I have been wearing Vans Slip-Ons almost every single day," the artist said.

Illustrator Larry Luk has taken a stab at predicting what the shoes might look like using Murakami's most iconic images. Whatever they are, we can be sure the sneakers will be colorful, graphic and oh so cute.