By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 01, 2014

Japan loves their crazy commercials. Not to say that America doesn’t have its fair share (seriously, Old Spice, you’ve gone too far; quit it), but the Japanese especially like to push the limits of the bizarre.

Here’s the newest example, complete with a culinary twist. The concept: Is it possible to make fried shrimp in just three seconds? According to the video above, the answer: yes (kinda). All it takes is some precision timing and a couple of mini prawn cannons, of course.

The company claims that the video was shot live without any special effects. And though they warn you not to try this “dangerous” recipe at home, according to Google translate, the video description teasingly refers to the results as “delicious.”

But here’s the most baffling part: the advertisement is actually for a cellphone company. What exactly this has to do with making sure your calls don’t get dropped I don’t know. Although, whatever the tenuous connection is must make more sense than someone actually trying to sell shrimp cannons.