By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 08, 2016
Credit: © SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

When you’re down and out, it helps to have a good friend put their arm around you and profess their undying affection. For burrito chain Chipotle, right now, that good friend is Angela Gallo and Manuel Rosario – a recently engaged couple who has gone viral after having their engagement photos taken a Chipotle. It’s the kind of good publicity you can’t really buy… though Chipotle is paying them back anyway.

For Gallo and Rosario, the Chipotle photoshoot was more than just a stunt. They say that Chipotle has been an integral part of their relationship since day one. “Our first date was at our local Chipotle and ever since then, every anniversary I’ve always tried to incorporate a Chipotle bag into my gift to Manuel,” Gallo told Huffington Post. “[It’s] not a fairytale but a real-life boy meetd girl, boy takes girl to Chipotle,” she continued. When Rosario proposed back in October of last year, the next day, they even went and grabbed burrito bowls.

When looking for a place to shoot their engagement photos, Gallo says she reached out to Chipotle’s corporate office. Not only did the chain oblige with the idea of turning a location in Orlando into their own personal photo studio this past Sunday, the restaurant went one step further and offered to cater the couple’s wedding for free. “I will most definitely be taking Chipotle up on their offer,” Gallo said. Well, I hope so: Without the Chipotle, it sounds like their guests might not even recognize them.

Documenting important life events at your favorite Mexican food spot certainly isn’t unprecedented. Last August, a high schooler went viral by having her senior photos shot at Taco Bell. But for your engagement, it’s time to leave childish taco chains behind; the more upmarket burrito business is definitely a better fit.