By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 15, 2016
Credit: The Coolest Team

Two-thirds of the people who bought into The Coolest Cooler’s Kickstarter campaign may still be without their increasingly less cool cooler, but they’ve certainly gotten their money’s worth in drama.

To catch anyone not following the saga up: Launching in 2014, The Coolest Cooler – a cooler with bells and whistles like a Bluetooth speaker and a blender – is still to this day the second most-funded Kickstarter project of all time, hauling in over $13 million from over 60,000 backers. But someone at Coolest central didn’t crunch the numbers properly, and earliest this year, the company admitted they were broke.

On the positive side, they’ve still been looking for ways to raise money to get people their coolers, but the tactics they’ve tried have resulted in some major backlash. Last year, the company began raising money by selling the coolers on Amazon, a move that left backers wondering why the brand had products to sell at retail but not to give their Kickstarter customers.

Now, a new idea: People still waiting for the coolers they were promised on Kickstarter have been asked if they’d be willing to get the final product faster for an additional cost of $97. Needless to say, this left already frustrated backers wondering why they should pay more get what they’ve already ordered. And, even if they did shell out the extra cash, are they throwing good money after bad?

“As long as there is breath in my body we are committed to getting each and every backer their Coolest Cooler,” wrote Ryan Grepper, the man behind the project, in a letter posted by Motherboard. However, as he wrote earlier, some people “are tired of this rough road and just want their darn coolers,” and thus, he’s gauging interest on this “Backers Faster Option” plan – a plan, mind you, that is only viable if enough people want to do it.

If Grepper and company discover there’s enough interest in this plan, he’ll let everyone know. Obviously, we’ll be here to keep you updated as well, unless of course the world comes to an end or the Internet gets shutdown or we all die of old age… all of which seem like they could possibly happen before this whole thing gets resolved.