No one can touch my Ma-Maw’s corn bread. Or biscuits. Or fried pork tenderloin. And I bet no one can touch your Nonna’s red sauce, right? Or Grosspapi’s (really, it’s Swiss, look it up) walnut torte? Your Grosspapi also has a taste for fame, you say? Well, Grosspapi, it’s your time to shine, because the Cooking Channel is looking for kitchen-savvy grandparents in the New York Tri-State area with killer recipes and big personalities to shoot a pilot with food(ography) host, Mo Rocca. Mo, an untrained but enthusiastic cook, hungers to learn your family’s best heirloom recipes, and if you’ve any quirky hobbies, habits or words of wisdom, he'll take those, too. Want to apply (or nominate your Nonna)? Check out the posting from Real People Casting for the all the details.