I can totally relate to Russ Parsons’ LA Times article about his overstuffed fridge—one that might horrify less passionate cooks. Unlike many people, I have no gunky bottles of salad dressing, but like Parsons, I have jars upon jars of condiments that could help me make a vinaigrette. Three types of mustard (at least!)? Check. Two types of soy sauce? You betcha. Nut and seed oils? Of course. Cornichons, capers and anchovies? Absolutely. But instead of the shelf devoted to pickles that Parsons has, I have one for spicy things. It includes Tabasco, another Louisiana hot sauce, pickled peri peri chiles, pickled jalapeños, chipotles in adobo, Sriracha, harissa, Thai red chile paste and sambal oelek. Yes, I use them all, but I can see why someone might suspect otherwise when the same jars have been in the fridge for two years. To organize all those condiments, I recently saw a clever solution over at The Kitchn: Use cardboard six-pack holders to keep the jars and bottles in place.