Credit: Courtesy of KFC

2015 has been a productive year for Darrell Hammond. Last year, the former SNL cast member returned to the show as its announcer. However, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s prominent role in the upcoming presidential election, Hammond is back on-camera, reprising his old Bill Clinton impersonation. But now, Hammond is tackling another classic character, albeit one that carries a little less comedy street cred. KFC picked up the SNL star to reprise the role of their longtime spokesman and real-life founder, Colonel Sanders.

Even though Hammond is known for his dead-on impressions don’t expect him to give an accurate portrayal of the late KFC figurehead. His Colonel Sanders is part loveable Bill Clinton, part comedy movie villain.

But if Hammond’s interpretation isn’t to the liking of you Colonel diehards out there, you can get an 8-bit reenactment of the Colone’s life with the ColonelQuest video game.

The whole concept is a bit of an odd conflation of fact and fiction. It’d be interesting to know what the real Colonel, who passed away in 1980 at the age of 90, would think of the campaign. Although, we expect his main focus would be firing everyone involved with the Double Down.