Credit: © Olivia Mears

You’ve probably never thought twice about tossing your fast food wrappers and used condiment packets into the nearest trash bin. But one fashion-forward art student found a better use for them, and it landed her a spot in the latest Taco Bell commercial.

Western Carolina University student Olivia Mears created a dress made from burrito wrappers and hot sauce packets from Taco Bell and entered it into a contest the company was running. Her strapless, ruffled, knee-length party dress won first place, winner her an appearance in Taco Bell’s new Sriracha Quesarito commercial, which is getting plenty of national air time and even more exposure online.

This isn’t the first time Mears has turned waste into wearables. In fact, she’s even coordinating a “Thrashion” show with her community arts program later this month and hopes to one day design costumes for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. For the time being, though, she’ll have to settle for fifteen minutes of fame, and possible requests to design a Wendy’s branded tuxedo.