An especially long week at work means I’m looking around for new ways to decompress. Luckily, an advance copy of Cocktail Therapy (Simon & Schuster), by Leanne Shear and Tracey Toomey (authors of the novel The Perfect Manhattan, the bartender's version of The Devil Wears Prada) arrived on my desk today. The book (out in August) matches your crisis of the day with a cocktail that will supposedly solve it (or help you forget it). Some scenarios I know well (“You wake up confused and disoriented…”, “Your tooth has been killing you for weeks…”), others are totally foreign (“You put your favorite cashmere sweater in the dryer,” “You get your period a day early and are completely unprepared…”). Today, I can especially identify with a crisis I found in the “Work Woes” chapter: “You’re stuck in a fluorescent-lit cubicle doing data entry for an entire day…” The remedy? An espresso martini, according to the authors (“It will refresh you and give you that competitive edge.”). Hmm. I just might have to try that.