By Meredith Lepore
Updated October 13, 2015
Of Mercer/ Michelle Mosqueda

Though Olivia Pope and Alicia Florrick make it look so easy, it’s actually quite hard to dress professionally and still be somewhat stylish, especially when you don’t have an imaginary TV budget. That’s where workwear attire company Of Mercer comes in. The brand specializes in “modern, luxurious careerwear that will take you from desk ­to ­dinner without the designer price tag,” because the company sells directly to their customers.

Dorie Golkin and Emelyn Northway are the brains behind the brand, which they founded after bonding over their struggle to find professional clothes that didn’t make them look like shapeless blobs. We chatted with these two busy ladies about everything fashion, food and beauty.

What do you eat on a typical workday?

Dorie: On a busy day, mostly Kind Bars and Hershey’s Kisses. When I have time, I love to go out and get the kale quinoa bowl from The Juice Shop. On my walk home from the office, I walk by Mira Sushi and their sashimi dinner is pretty killer.

Emelyn: Siggi's Icelandic­-style yogurt for breakfast (it’s the only flavored yogurt that doesn’t taste supersweet) and fruit. For lunch, a soup and salad—my current favorite is Maison Kayser’s feta, watermelon, tomato and corn salad. I also snack like a kindergartener throughout the day. I’ll usually make my way through a good deal of Kind bars, Babybel wax cheeses, and/or apples and peanut butter.

Where do you like to dine out?

Dorie: Claudette and Cookshop are two of my go­-tos, but I like to try new restaurants as often as possible. I love the new incarnation of Park Avenue Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer, especially its proximity to where I live!

Emelyn: I live in the East Village—there are so many hidden gems within walking distance. Café Orlin for brunch, Northern Spy Food Company for a seasonally fresh dinner and Graffiti Food & Wine Bar for a completely unique meal in literally a hole in the wall. And I probably go to Momofuku Noodle Bar at least once a month for their chilled spicy noodles. They are insanely hot but addictive.

What's usually in your fridge?

Dorie: Wine and barbecue sauce.

Emelyn: Picture a cheese and wine shop that sells condiments on the side. That is my fridge on any given day.

What is the food you can't resist?

Dorie: Buffalo wings—especially on a Sunday in the fall.

Emelyn: Labneh. It’s a Middle Eastern cheese/yogurt spread. It’s better than cream cheese.

What are your favorite beauty products?

Dorie: Since college, I’ve worn Laura Mercier SPF tinted moisturizer—it makes me look like I “did my makeup” with minimal effort.

Emelyn: I can’t live without NARS Gentle Oil­-Free Eye Makeup Remover every single day. I’m also a huge fan of bareMinerals black eyeliner. For an everyday sunscreen, I swear by La Roche­Posay’s Anthelios Tinted Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen. You won’t have any idea you’re wearing an SPF 50 sunscreen.

What is your typical style for a day on the job?

Dorie: Color—lots and lots of color! To me there is no such thing as clashing. I’m addicted to our wrap dresses – they feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but they look much better!

Emelyn: Business formal meets casual weekend. I don’t have to be nearly as dressy as I did when I worked in finance, but I still like to feel “dressed up” for work. If I am not wearing an Of Mercer dress (my current favorites are the Jay Dress and the Mott Dress), you can usually find me wearing jeans with a silk shirt and blazer.