By PureWow
Updated July 08, 2016

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

So what if they’re borderline OCD? These ten tricks will keep your closet in check so you never have to waste time looking for that missing sock--or earring--again.

Buy colored hangers
And assign them to different items in your closet. Like blue for jeans and white for blouses. Then rejoice at always finding what you're looking for.

Place an extra hook
In the front of your closet so you can easily plan your outfit for the next day--then hang it right where you can grab it.

Get bins for your shoes
And put a photo on the outside of each one so you know what's inside.

Use letter organizers for your smaller purses and clutches
This will put them in order--and keep them upright so they don't lose their shape.

Make your own accessories rack
Using a corkboard and decorative pushpins. Alternate the pins so you don't get the danglier items tangled.

And use an ice cube tray
To corral smaller items like earrings and rings.

Use a hanging shoe organizer
To store your socks and underwear instead of having them roll around your dresser drawer.

Keep your linens in line
By tucking a sheet set inside one of its matching pillowcases. Then, stack them according to which room they'll be used in.

Use your suitcases
To store any out-of-season clothing items like those bulky wool sweaters.