By Meredith Lepore
Updated September 03, 2015
Courtesy of Burberry

Today, the Burberry scarf is perhaps the world’s most iconic piece of neckwear. But its rise to prominence was actually an accident. According to AdWeek, the scarf was a result of the manager of the Burberry Paris store displaying khaki coats in the window and turning up the coat’s hem, showing off that gorgeous combo of colors, to give it a little bit of pizzazz. Customers loved it and so the store began producing umbrellas and, yes, scarves in the pattern as well.

Last year, the classic plaid became an afterthought when every It girl from Olivia Palermo to Cara Delevingne to Sarah Jessica Parker ditched their scarves for Burberry’s monogrammed ponchos. The scarf needed a reinvention.

So this week, Burberry launched, both online and in stores, a Scarf Bar that allows customers to design their own signature classic cashmere scarf. With more than 30 colorways available—as well as 30 shades of thread for embroidering initials—possibilities are endless. This is the first time the company has offered this large a customizable offering for accessories.

But if you think these new scarves may come with a lower price tag, you’d be quite wrong. A monogrammed "classic" scarf will cost $550 and the "lightweight" larger option will be $870 once you get those initials on there. But hey, you don’t get to be a classic by being cheap.