Chris Pratt publicity photo
Credit: ©Epsilon/Getty Images

He may have six-pack abs and a sense of humor that can charm even the most frigid of personalities, but Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt is certifiably disgusting. Or, at least, he was.

In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, the Jurassic World actor revealed that he would eat off customers' plates while working as a waiter in Los Angeles.

"I'd been busted so many times eating off people's plates that they were like 'you have to stop doing that,'" he said.

One particular incident involved an elderly woman and a 32-ounce Porterhouse. In what seemed like a genius (but still disgusting) plan to eat her inevitable leftovers, Pratt ended up having to cook up a new steak, fake dumpster dive and manipulate his way into receiving a generous (and very undeserved!) tip.

Check out the hilarious clip below. Needless to say, he's certainly better suited for training velociraptors on the big screen.