Credit: © Lawrence Marcus

Paris Fashion Week kicks off on Wednesday and one of Paris’ biggest fashion stars to watch is undoubtedly Choupette Lagerfeld. For those who are not already one of her 50,000 Instagram followers, Choupette is designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel-loving cat. Not only will she have a lot to say about Fashion Week (check her Twitter), but she and Karl will also be the subject of a spring capsule collection with French cartoonist Tiffany Cooper that hits boutiques in April. All this made Choupette the perfect subject for the first installment of our series Nailed It!, featuring nail art that showcases all of FWx's favorite activities: eating, drinking and shopping. For this mani, we partnered with nail artist Mei Kawajiri's whose been treating nails like mini canvases for over a decade. Each mani tells a story and for this set she took her inspiration from Lagerfeld’s Monster Choupette accessories and the cat’s fantasy lifestyle, in which Chanel produces everything from lattes to Champagne to pills.

Karl Lagerfeld may debut his first-ever line of kids clothes at Fashion Week, but we think these nails are definitely cuter than whatever babies he plans to send down the runway.

Look at the full set of Fashion Week gels below and if you want Mei to work on your hands and feet you can find her here.