By Kristin Donnelly
Updated May 23, 2017

Next to black jelly beans and any other licorice flavored candies (RJ’s from New Zealand is my new fave), lip balm has been my lifelong addiction. Most of my lip balms used to taste like artificially flavored popsicles, or worse, like, menthol and wax, until I switched to the invigorating but ubiquitous Burt’s Bees, scented with peppermint oil. In a goodie bag from a recent chocolate-related event, I found Ganache for Lips, an almond-oil-based balm made with Scharffen Berger chocolate and plant-derived ingredients. This all-natural product is so delightfully rich and creamy, I can almost skip my afternoon chocolate snack. Now if only I could find a licorice-scented balm as good as the real thing…