When chef Alon Shaya lived in Italy, this was his guide to traditional, "badass" food.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Getting a chef to pick a favorite cookbook is like asking a parent to choose her most-loved child. But F&W pressed great cooks around the country to reveal their top picks of all-time.

The Chef: Alon Shaya

The Book: Eating in Italy by Faith Willinger, 2007

“This isn’t really a cookbook—but it is a food book,” says Shaya. “It breaks down the places to go in Northern Italy for local, traditional, badass food. When I lived in Italy it was really my bible. The book led me to a restaurant called La Dogana, in a town called Camaiore. It became one of my favorite places and I never would have found it if it wasn’t for that book.”