The results are some pretty fabulous cheese curls.

Credit: YouTube/grav3yardgirl

We’ve all been there: you have to spruce up your hair at the last minutebut you don’t have curlers, so you make do with the nearest thing—a bag of Cheetos. A few pins, a little heat and suddenly you’re ready for the ball! No? Never happened? Well, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tried. YouTuber Bunny Meyer, better known as grav3yardgirl has launched a new series called “Can It Curl?” After a semi-successful attempt with marshmallows, she took commenters’ suggestions and tried twisting her hair up with Cheetos. The results are some pretty fabulous Cheese Curls. (No, wait, that’s a different brand.)

Using 72 bobby pins, half a bag of Cheetos and a hair dryer bonnet, Meyer spent 45 minutes tediously twirling strand after strand around the snacks. The video is a little long, but the whole process is there. Would we have believed her otherwise? Anyone can rub crumbs in their hair and say they did their ‘do with Doodles! (Oops, different brand again.) Don’t worry, the time-lapsed video is accompanied by the chillest Cheeto curling music ever. And in the end, it works! Well, kinda… see for yourself. In any case, it will be the first time you’ve contemplated which is the bigger fashion faux pas: dandruff or cheese dust?