We recommend the Jasper Hill Farms' cheese and jam pairing set.
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glass dome
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If you're lactose intolerant, I'm sorry, but this is not for you. These gifts are for the person whose "cheese drawer" is their entire fridge, that friend for whom a wheel of cheese is a well-rounded meal and the family member who has a cheese plate ready 24/7 for snacking. Be it a personal cheese grotto or the hulking tome every serious turophile should own, each of these thoughtful gifts will show the cheese lover in your life that you truly "get them".

We can't get over the timeless and delicious gift of a cheese and jam pairing set such as this one from Jasper Hill Farm.

Read on for our gift guide for the cheese obsessed.

1. Cheese and Jam Pairing Set

jasper hill cheese
Credit: Jasper Hill

When two of Vermont's best specialty food producers team up, you know it's going to be good. This gift box features four of Jasper Hill Creamery's best cheeses, including their award-winning soft-ripened Harbison, and four jams created by Blake Hill Preserves. The jams are sweet, floral, tart, and herbaceous, like the Spiced Plum with Port and Star Anise that is heaven when smeared on a cracker with the Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue. Bonus: There's an option to add a set of stainless steel Boska Cheese Knives. Feeling bold? You can opt to "Build Your Own" box which comes with helpful insights from the creamery.

To buy: $100 from jasperhillfarm.com

2. On-the-Go Cheese Knife

cheese knife
Credit: Amazon

Sometimes the cheese cravings strike while you're on the go. This collapsible Opinel knife has a sharp stainless-steel blade that folds into its beechwood handle, as well as a corkscrew that pops out when you need to open a bottle of wine. This 2-in-1 tool is a gamechanger for picnics.

To buy: Opinel No. 10 Stainless Steel Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Knife, $36 from amazon.com

3. Raclette Grill

raclette set
Credit: Crate & Barrel

While fondue will always hold a place in our hearts, we're hoping someone will give us this Raclette grill for our melted cheese needs. Pick up a giant wedge of the eponymous cow's milk cheese, pop a bottle of white wine and make your dinner party guests feel like they've just arrived for après at a Swiss ski chalet. This grill has a hot top for griddling meats, vegetables, or cornichons and has 8 non-stick dishes for maximum cheese intake.

4. Special Occasion Cheese Knives

Anthropologie cheese knives
Credit: Anthropologie

These special occasion cheese knives are worthy of your special occasion cheeses. This brass set includes three different knives for all of your soft, semi-soft, and aged cheeses.

To buy: Laguiole Cheese Knives, Set of 3, $36 at anthropologie.com

5. Cheeseboard for One

Credit: Target

This pocket-sized cutting board is exactly what you need for hikes, picnics, or when you need a snack during the commute (oh, is that just us?). The hole handle also makes it easy to hang on your kitchen wall.

To buy: $7 at target.com

6. Cheeseboard for a Crowd

cheese gift board
Credit: Macy's

This food-safe acacia cheeseboard is key when entertaining for a group. The wood hues make the cheese, jam, crackers, and fruits pop and the long, narrow shape is perfect for setting in the middle of the table.

To buy: Acacia wood tapas board, $42 (originally $69) at macys.com

7. Cheese Grotto

cheese grotto
Credit: Food52

Behold, the cheese grotto. Take your care and obsession to the next level with this compact (and dare we say, quite chic) cheese storage solution. The grotto allows your cheese to breathe while also creating a controlled climate with just the right amount of humidity so your cheese continues to age properly and lasts longer. It's available in three sizes, but each one is compact enough to fit snugly in your fridge.

To buy: From $125 from cheesegrotto.com

8. Glass Cloche

glass dome
Credit: Amazon

Wow your dinner party guests when you present the cheese course in this gorgeous glass cloche. The simple design, rustic ash wood base, and delicate leather handle make this piece modern, yet timeless. Plus, you won't have to worry about where to store it because it's beautiful enough to live on your countertop.

To buy: $187 at amazon.com

9. Cheese Markers

chalkboard markers
Credit: Crate & Barrel

For the friend who loves showing off their obscure cheese finds, get them these mini-chalkboard cheese labels. Pair them with a piece of soapstone chalk and a few of your favorite cheeses for an epic care package.

To buy: $15 for 6 at crateandbarrel.com

10. Picnic in a Box

cheese picnic
Credit: Mouth.com

If you have a friend who loves a good cheese board, but can't assemble one to save their life, then get them this ready-to-go Picnic in a Box from Mouth. Everything from the cheese to the salumi and even jam and olive tapenade is included, all from small reputable producers.

To buy: $105 at mouth.com

11. Bee’s Wrap

bees wrap
Credit: Amazon

These reusable beeswax-coated cloths are ideal for wrapping up bits of leftover cheese. Plastic can "suffocate" your cheese, making it spoil faster. This breathable material allows oxygen and moisture in (and out) so your cheese can continue to age well.

To buy: $15 for 3-pack at amazon.com

12. The Cheese Bible

book of cheese
Credit: Amazon

In the 409-page Book of Cheese, author and cheese expert Liz Thorpe breaks down the the world of cheese into eight "gateway cheeses". The former VP of Murray's in Manhattan looks at basics like Swiss, blue, and cheddar and encourages her readers to try similar, albeit more adventurous, cheeses within the same genre. Complete with flavor and aroma wheels, this book is chock-full of information and many, many new cheeses to seek out.

Liz Thorpe's The Book of Cheese: The Essential Guide to Discovering Cheeses You'll Love, $35 at amazon.com