Everyone knows that a cast iron pan is the workhorse of the kitchen. Most people though, probably don't give much thought to the process involved in getting a well-seasoned pan into their kitchens. So to inform all of us YouTuber Tito4re, who seems to have an endless supply of aluminum to melt (hey, we guess everyone needs to have a thing) has a real barebones way to cast a pan, for those times when you just need really need some new kitchenware. All it seems to take is some sand and some liquid metal and you'll be casting in no time. Of course Tito makes his pan out of aluminum, so it's doesn't have the same cachet as your cast iron, but it's still impressive for what amounts to little more than 10 minutes of work. Our one suggestion if you're going to get all industrial like this in your own backyard: Don't wear shorts like Tito. Come on man, you're a metal melting professional. Set a good example for the kids.