By PureWow
Updated January 27, 2015
Credit: © BE&W agencja fotograficzna Sp. z o.o. / Alamy

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

We’ve showed you how to undo many tech mistakes. But it can’t hurt to have a surplus of tricks up your sleeve—especially when it comes to texting.

That’s where Strings comes in.

Like other messaging apps out there, Strings requires both the sender and the recipient to have the app. But once you do, it allows you to delete chats, photos and videos immediately—and permanently—before recipients view them. Users can’t download messages, and data is removed from Strings’ servers. Friends can only save content when you say it’s OK. And when you delete a string, you’re removing everything you’ve sent so that other users can’t manipulate individual comments.

So what sets it apart from similar apps like What’s App? You can permanently delete entire threads that you’ve sent. And unlike Cluster, data can’t be downloaded to a user’s private folder once it’s been sent.

Sure, there’s still Snapchat, Slingshot and Ansa—where full conversations, photos and videos automatically disappear after a number of seconds—but those apps are better suited to the younger generations. (We’re in the market for something a little more sophisticated.)