By PureWow
Updated July 14, 2015
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That red-as-a-lobster look from falling asleep in the park doesn’t suit you so well. (Pardon us while we reach for the aloe.) You could, you know, read the weather report. Or you could get June ($129), a cute little bracelet that monitors your sun exposure. (Remember, 90 percent of UV rays come through even on cloudy days.)

Here’s how it works: Download the iPhone app and strap on the bracelet. Built-in sensors measure UVA and UVB rays to calculate exposure, and the device shows you a UV index in real time. You’ll also see the percentage of sun you’ve gotten over the course of the day and get alerts if you’re about to get sunburned (the app takes your skin type into consideration).

What's more, push notifications tell you when to apply (or reapply) sunscreen, what level of SPF to use (no more of that SPF 4 bronzing oil, woman!) and if you need sunglasses or a hat. Yes, it seems a tad ridiculous that you need an app to tell you when to wear a hat. But in the era of step counters and sleep trackers, it only makes sense that sun exposure would be the next frontier.