We’ve tested almost 25,000 recipes so you won’t have to. These are our favorites. 

By Taylor Rondestvedt
Updated May 24, 2017
© Abby Hocking

When it comes to recipe suggestions here at Food & Wine, we editors have opinions. We cite favorites, we debate the merits of one banana bread recipe over another (we think we’ve found the best ever), and we routinely sing the praises of the hero dishes that have saved us on many occasions.

Of course, it isn’t fair to our readers to keep this knowledge to ourselves—so today, for the first time ever, we bring you our new cookbook, Staff Favorites: Over 100 of Our Most Memorable Recipes, by the Editors of Food & Wine (available on Amazon). With 36 years and thousands of dishes under our collective belts, our editors happily compiled some of our most beloved recipes. Including more than 150 of our tried-and-true “make again” dishes, there’s something for every meal—from 20-minute spicy peanut noodles to the chocolate cookie crumble we fight over at staff parties. Grill up a cauliflower like a steak, add kale to your pesto, or try one of Justin Chapple’s Mad Genius Tips for extra bacon-y BLTs—you won’t be disappointed. And while our staff's tastes may vary, there’s one recipe we can all agree on: Belinda Leong’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies. Which we highly recommend having on hand as you peruse your copy of this book. Bookmark away, and share your favorites right back at us via Twitter and Instagram. Tag us @foodandwine, using the hashtag #foodandwine. We can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up.