Stick to your New Year’s resolutions by devouring these smart new health-focused cookbooks.

By Elyse Inamine
Updated May 24, 2017
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Healthy Cookbooks
Credit: © Ben Alsop

For the vinyasa vegetarian.

Kimberly Parsons, yoga guru and founder of London’s Retreat café, organizes The Yoga Kitchen around the seven chakras. Expect meatless and gluten-free recipes that promise to sync up your mind and body.

Lesson learned: Feeling stressed? That’s your ajna chakra crying for help. Tension-releasing ingredients, like raw cacao and matcha, will help calm nerves and boost concentration.

For the millennial trendsetter.

Irish pop star turned food writer Donal Skehan’s Fresh spotlights healthful comfort foods that call on zeitgeisty ingredients and tools—think coconut oil and spiralizers.

Lesson learned: Sneak some vegetables into dessert: Shredded beets are a sweet and delicious addition to chocolate cake.

For the holistic beauty maven.

Turns out beauty isn’t skin deep. In Eat Beautiful, Wendy Rowe, makeup artist to stars like Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne, shares recipes designed to boost your inner glow.

Lesson learned: Pamper your winter skin by munching on radishes. The vitamin C and antioxidants help build up collagen for a more supple complexion.

For the weeknight warrior.

Can’t get to the farmers’ market? In Naturally Nourished, Sarah Britton, the blogger behind My New Roots, offers supermarket hacks for creating satisfying, nutritious meals every night of the week.

Lesson learned: Puree canned beans to add silky texture to soups. Who needs cream?