Justin Chapple's book, Mad Genius Tips: Over 90 Expert Hacks + 100 Delicious Recipes, is out today. Here are 7 reasons you must have it on your bookshelf.

By Justin Chapple
Updated May 24, 2017
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Justin Chapple Mad Genius
Credit: © John Kernick

Hi, I’m Justin Chapple—F&W ’s resident ham and Mad Genius! I’m known for singing show tunes around the office and playing pranks on my unsuspecting coworkers. I also spend much of my time developing and discovering brilliant cooking hacks for my video series, Mad Genius Tips.

But that’s not all: I wrote a cookbook, and it's available now! Mad Genius Tips: Over 90 Expert Hacks + 100 Delicious Recipes is filled with insanely fun cooking hacks that’ll shape the way you cook forever. Plus, for each hack there are recipes that have been rigorously conceived and tested by yours truly.

Here, 7 reasons why you need this book in your life:

1. Bacon weave

California BLTs
Credit: © Christina Holmes

You can learn to weave uncooked strips of bacon into a tight lattice, then bake until crisp, so that you get crispy bacon in every bite of your BLT.

2. Learn to chop a dozen eggs in less than 2 minutes

Instead of using a knife, I dice boiled eggs perfectly and quickly by pressing them through a crosshatch baking rack. It’s the easiest and fastest way to egg-salad brilliance.

3. Because pasta pie

Pasta Bundt Loaf
Credit: © John Kernick

The secret to the best baked pasta of your life is your bundt pan. Your stomach will thank you.

4. DIY noodle cups

This hack will change your desk-side lunch forever. All you need is a mason jar and seven ingredients.

5. Foolproof gnocchi

Did you know you can form the easiest gnocchi in history with just a resealable baggie and some kitchen twine? No rolling required.

6. Waffle potatoes

Loaded Potato Waffles
Credit: © Nicole Franzen

You can give potato pancakes a serious upgrade by waffling them.

7. No-baste turkey for Thanksgiving

With the help of a little cheesecloth, you’ll never baste your bird again.