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Cheetos Just Launched Their First-Ever Cookbook

If you bought too many Cheetos back in March and don't know what to do with them, your time has come.

Poem: At the Parkway Deli

Poet and transgender activist Stephanie Burt reflects on a moment in her childhood that revealed a truth she had yet to discover.

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17 Vegetarian Cookbooks to Live By in 2020

This year we’re turning over a new leaf or two, and that goes for our cooking habits as well. Plant-based eating is hardly new—it’s undeniably good for both our health and environmental sustainability. You might be looking for new vegetable-forward recipes to try, or practicing veganism a few days a week, or maybe you’ve never gravitated towards meat in the first place. Whatever the reason, we’ve got the latest list of cookbooks you need to round out your repertoire of delicious vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian cooking doesn’t need to be complex to be rewarding, and these cookbooks demonstrate how to do it right. Read on for some of our favorite vegetarian cookbooks to devour in 2020.

The New Old Russian Cuisine

Darra Goldstein’s new cookbook, Beyond the North Wind, celebrates Russia’s ancient traditions.

The 22 Best Baking Cookbooks You Can Own Right Now

Home bakers rejoice: this is the list you’ve been waiting for.