When Chris Cosentino was in culinary school, this book taught him that you don't have to wear a tall white toque to be a chef. 

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The Chef: Chris Cosentino

The Book: White Heat by Marco Pierre White, 2009

“When I was culinary school, they didn’t want us to own it,” Cosentino says. “In those days, culinary school was like military life. They would check our faces with a credit card to see if we needed to shave. We had to press our coats, pants and aprons, and that kerchief had to be perfection. If we had a stain on our white coat we were sent home, even if it was espagnole sauce made in class. White Heat showed me that you didn’t have to look a certain way to be an amazing chef. The point was that it was all about the food. You didn’t have to fall in line and wear a tall white toque. It was OK to be an individual.”