By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 19, 2014
© Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy

As marijuana emerges as America’s next great legal intoxicant, it was only a matter of time before celebrities jumped on the branding bandwagon. So why not one of the biggest herb advocates ever, Bob Marley?

It was announced this week that Bob Marley’s family has teamed up with the cannabis–focused private equity firm Privateer Holdings to create a new line of Marley-branded products, including not only hemp-based items like lotions, but also honest-to-goodness smokable pot to be used where such activities are legal.

Slated to launch next year, Marley Natural, as the brand will be called, will feature six different “heirloom” strains of marijuana with wonderful names like Pineapple Skunk, Lamb’s Bread and Chocolope, all of which the Marley family claims were some of Bob’s favorites.

“We really want the products to be rooted in Bob’s life and in his message, and be authentic to his Jamaican roots,” Privateer CEO Brendan Kennedy told Fast Company. “We’re doing everything out of respect for Bob, and out of respect for his vision.”

Supposedly, top secret negotiations had been ongoing since early 2013. And even now that the deal is done, the logistics of producing a semi-legal product with such high visibility will be tricky. Still, Privateer promises to work within the law (as much as any other grower does) and make quality assurance a priority.

It’s amazing how far the marijuana movement in America has come since Marley passed away in 1981. The reggae legend, who’d have turned 70 next year, would probably be amazed. How he would feel about having his name slapped on his own marijuana brand is another discussion.

Can other celebrity pot endorsements be far behind? Hell, if a man who used to go by “Puff Daddy” is willing to shill vodka, you can assume he might be interested in putting his name on some pot. Or maybe your next bowl will be filled with Kardashian’s Choice. Oh, the Pandora’s box we’ve opened.