We bring you a lot of hangover cures here at FWx, but Sam Adams co-founder Jim Koch, (the guy in their commercials) has a trick that he says will ensure you will never need to use them. In an interview with Esquire he shared a tip that allows him to, “Drink beer all night and not get drunk.” It involves yeast. Not even the fancy yeast you find at your local homebrew store, just regular old Fleischman’s baking yeast. Before Koch starts drinking, he eats a few teaspoons of it masked with a little yogurt (about one teaspoon per beer-to-be-consumed). The technique was developed by someone with a biochemistry PhD and involves an enzyme that supposedly breaks down the alcohol before it gets into your bloodstream. While Koch claims to have science on his side, the armchair scientists of Reddit are as dubious as we are and we're not even sure we'd want to negate the effects of alcohol. We'll stick to these other suggestions that don't really work but are much more pleasant.

Eating bread.
Sure, it might, might slow things down a little, but there is no amount of bread you could eat to keep the alcohol from getting into your system.

Drinking coffee.
The caffeine wakes you up, but it's really just lying to you about how drunk you are. You’ll still be drunk, you’ll just be drunk and perky.

Drinking your cocktails with soda.
This is just an offshoot of the caffeine myth, and as with coffee, you’ll still be plenty drunk by the end of the night.

This doesn’t actually accelerate the rate at which the alcohol makes its way through your system. As any scientist will tell you, the only thing that will really make you sober is time.