I'm a huge fan of the show The Biggest Loser, so when I was offered the opportunity to go to a morning workout with one of its fitness trainers, Bob Harper, I jumped at the chance. Bob, along with a few familiar faces from past seasons (Tara included!), came to NYC to demo the new Nintendo Wii Biggest Loser video game. We got in a fun and somewhat difficult 30-minute workout, following Bob's exercise moves on screen as he cheered us on in person. The game looked so lifelike and included everything from squats to yoga, just like on the show. Then we had breakfast, featuring recipes from The Biggest Loser series of cookbooks. I must say that the turkey patties were delicious-full of flavor and juicy. I recently tested The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook and had success with the New Favorite Meatballs recipe. White breadcrumbs, milk and eggs were replaced with quick cooking oats, skim milk and egg whites.

Some other recipes Bob would approve of are: