By Clara Olshansky
Updated October 09, 2015
© Lyubomir Dochev

Lyubomir Dochev, a 19-year-old Bulgarian artist, found his Starbucks cups a bit lacking, so he decided to dress them up. He uses his morning coffee to pay tribute to the fashion world's biggest stars in his gorgeous full-color sketches.

Dochev told Bustle, "I want my cups to look lively, positive, and stylish, so I find inspiration in celebrities and fashion brands that posses unique style, creative ideas, and make you stare at them and wondering how can look so stunning [sic]." Sure enough, Dochev nails the attitude of his subjects in these stylized sketches.

The drawings started when Dochev posted a drawing of Cara Delevingne, captioning it "Stara Bucksivingne." A huge fan of the supermodel/actress, Dochev asked that his followers help him bring the image to Delevingne's attention. Sure enough, she soon liked the photo, and Dochev's Starbucks Cup sketch series was set in motion. From there, Dochev saw the response his cup illustrations were getting and decided it was time to drink more lattes.

Check out more of his stylish illustrations below and never miss another one by following Lyubomir Dochev on Instagram and Twitter. Here are a few of our favs: