Credit: © iStockphoto

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced this afternoon that as of April 21 it will bring back the Double Down, the chain’s sandwich-as-marketing-ploy. If you missed it when it was here last, the Double Down consists of bacon and melted cheese sandwiched between two fried chicken breasts instead of bread. It was ranked by Health magazine as one of the fattiest foods in the country and was mocked incessantly as the fastest way to an early grave.

Twitter, of course, blew up after today’s announcement. Our eyes glazed over reading and rereading hundreds of people making the same jokes about the same heart attacks in the same KFC parking lots. So we hunted down our favorite comments that have nothing to do blocked arteries or high cholesterol.

The very best thing about the Double Down though is when real chefs get a hold of it, like David McMillan of Montreal’s Joe Beef did for us earlier this year with this deluxe version.