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best koozies 2021
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Whether it's during the heat of the summer or those delightfully warm days that surprise us in the spring and fall, koozies are an outdoor drinking staple no serious beer, cider, or spiked seltzer lover should be without. Even if you have the best cooler, drinks will start to sweat as soon as you take them out. Koozies keep things ice-cold for even longer, saving you from dreaded warm beers and acting as sweat-proof drink holders all the while.

From packable neoprene sleeves to double-walled vacuum insulated styles, a high-quality koozie makes an excellent gift. Nowadays there are countless types, but we've done the work and rounded up the best for all warm-weather drinking needs. Consider what you normally drink; is it mostly glass wine bottles, or slim hard seltzer cans? Do you need light, packable koozies for the park or beach? Or a sturdy style that will keep things chilled for hours by the pool? These are the best koozies to keep your hands dry and your drinks cold at all times.

Read on for all the details on the koozies and can coolers we love.

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Best Overall Koozie: BruMate Hopsulator Trio

BruMate has perfected the art of the convertible hard-sided koozie. The Hopsulator Trio, a 3-in-1 can cooler, is designed to fit standard 12-ounce cans and tall 16-ounce cans. It comes with a lid to use it as a pint glass as well. The copper layer inside the koozie keeps drinks 20 times colder than standard koozies, and the lock gasket makes it easy to pop cans in and out without them slipping as you sip. It comes in 30 colors (including a new college team series) and works great for hot beverages as well making it the most versatile tool in the koozie world.

To buy: BruMate Hopsulator Trio, $35 at amazon.com or brumate.com

To buy: BruMate Hopsulator Trip Tailgate Collection, $30 at brumate.com

yeti colster
Credit: Amazon

Best Standard Can Koozie: Yeti Colster

If you're a standard 12-ounce can drinker, Yeti's Colster is a sturdy option with double-walled insulation and the brand's Duracoat color that won't crack or chip. It's dishwasher-safe and perfect for barbecues and tailgates, even in triple-digit temperatures.

To buy: Yeti 12 oz. Colster Can, $25 at amazon.com

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Best Bottle Insulator: Asobu Frosty Beer Holder

If bottled Corona or Bud Heavy are your vessels of choice, a bottle insulator is the koozie you need. The Asobu Frosty 2 is a best-seller with thousands of perfect ratings. It comes with a built-in bottle opener and is made of lightweight insulated stainless steel. The top twists off easily to hold standard cans as well, so you're not limited to the bottle shape. 

It truly works, as one happy customer notes, "I am always surprised when the bottle is empty as the last sip is as cold as the first."

To buy: Asobu Frosty 2 Beer Holder, $30 at amazon.com

BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Slim Can Cooler: BruMate Slim Can

Slim cans are all the rage for everything from beer to spiked seltzer, but the cans are often tricky for standard koozies. For a durable slim can cooler, BruMate's Hopsulator Slim has the best koozie that will last for many summers to come. It also comes in 30 colors and has the same locking gasket as the rest of the Hopsulator line. With a perfect rating for thousands of customers, it's a great addition to anyone planning on sipping drinks in the heat all summer long.

To buy: BruMate Hopsulator Slim Can, $20 at amazon.com

coleman lounger
Credit: Walmart

Best Budget Can and Bottle Koozie: Coleman Lounger

Easily the best value koozie can-holder, the stainless steel Coleman Lounger has a rubber base to prevent slipping and gripper fins to hold cans and bottles in place without rattling. The double-walled stainless steel insulated construction will keep your hands dry and drinks cold for ages.

To buy: Coleman Lounger, $15 at walmart.com

maars koozie
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Best Value Hard Slim Can Cooler: Maars Skinny Can Cooler

Folks looking for a great premium koozie dupe can opt for this tool from Maars, which gets stellar ratings and comes in 2-pack ($20) and 4-pack ($40) sizes. The cooler fits all 12-ounce slim cans and keeps them cold for hours without condensation or sweating.

One customer noted, "They kept our seltzers cold from the first sip to the last in 95-degree weather. They work great for all those skinny-can seltzers and beers. It's an inexpensive product that really works."

To buy: Maars Skinny Can Cooler, $14 at amazon.com

cooler co koozie
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Best Fabric Slim Can Koozie: Current Co. Cooler Sleeves

If you're getting a set of koozies for a group of slim-can drink lovers, Current Co.'s neoprene sleeve has the best ratings overall. It comes in packs of 5 (different colors so you'll never get drinks mixed up). There's a 100% money-back guarantee, in case of any problems you'll be covered. 

As one customer noted, "These fit 12 oz slim cans perfectly! They are actually more comfortable to hold when they are on then when they are not! PLUS they keep my drinks colder for longer."

To buy: Slim Can Cooler Sleeves (5-pack), $9 at amazon.com

Credit: Amazon

Best Portable Beer Bottle Koozie: BottleKeeper

For the beach, the park, or even hiking, this versatile can cooler is an excellent product to own. It fits, covers, and protects 12-ounce beer bottles, and has a built-in bottle opener. The padded base also adds shock absorption. One thing it has on other koozies: it can actually seal the enclosed beer bottle so you can come back to a cold and carbonated beverage if you need to step away from sipping. 

To buy: BottleKeeper 2.0, $35 at amazon.com

slim can koozies
Credit: Amazon

Best College Sports Koozie: Kolder

College sports fans will appreciate these neoprene koozies from Kolder that come in slim can size, zip-top beer bottle size, and standard can size. Serious tailgaters know that you should never be caught without a koozie, and now you won't be caught without your favorite team's swag either.

To buy: College Team Logo Cans (Set of 2), $13 at amazon.com

lazy dog koozie
Credit: Amazon

Best Beer Bottle Sleeve: Lazy Dog

These neoprene bottle sleeves won't take up a ton of cabinet space but will do the trick perfectly well. The top zip makes for easy access when it's time for another round. 

The reviewers also appreciate the sleeves, "This is my 4th or 5th time buying these from this vendor. I always have a good supply for personal use but continue to gift them to friends and family to share the love."

To buy: Lazy Dog Bottle Sleeves (Set of 6), $14 at amazon.com

tahoebay koozies
Credit: Amazon

Best Classic Koozie Sleeve: Tahoe Bay

Sometimes when it comes to koozies, the simpler the better. If you're ordering a set for a group or need to keep plenty on hand for summer events and beach days, these are the best-rated classic koozies on Amazon. Tahoe Bay is a veteran-owned business based in Nevada, so they know plenty about summer heat and keeping cans cool (and also have slim can options).

To buy: TahoeBay Beer Koozies (set of 12), $9 at amazon.com

java sok
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Best Iced Coffee Koozie: Java Sok

Iced coffee fanatics know that nothing less than the largest Dunkin' or Starbucks size will do for commuting or getting going in the morning. Those folks will be happy to know that they, too, can keep their drinks cold and that ice from diluting that essential cold brew with the Java Sok. Protect your home desk from condensation rings or plop it in cup holders easily, and toss it in the wash as needed.

To buy: Java Sok Iced Coffee Insulator, Large, $13 at amazon.com

le creuset wine cooler
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Best Wine Bottle Koozie: Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve

Easy to store and excellent quality, Le Creuset's wine sleeve can be pre-chilled in the fridge or freezer for optimal cooling. The pierce-resistance nylon and 2 gel inserts will keep any standard size bottle insulated for hours. Your picnics and patio dining can use this key upgrade.

To buy: Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve, $25 at lecreuset.com or amazon.com

Credit: Amazon

Best Wine Bottle Cooler: Vineglacé

Great as a wedding gift or housewarming treat, this stainless steel double-walled wine insulator is easy to use and the best in its class. It's great to set on a table without the need for a coaster and will keep any wine or champagne bottle chilled for hours.

To buy: Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator, $90 at amazon.com