Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The Apple Watch hasn’t quite become the game changing wearable some predicted, but a multi-purpose timepiece is still a good idea. Enter the Bento Watch for your fashionable, snack-loving friends.

Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to incorporating technology with snacking. The new Bento Watch, say Kotaku, comes with a chef-prepared meal already inside. Obviously, this is smaller than your average bento box – it’s a watch after all – and so the ingredients are chopped into tiny precise pieces. We imagine this makes this not only the tastiest smart watch yet, but also the cutest.

Obviously, utensils are necessary as well. The Bento Watch also comes with teeny tiny pop-out chopsticks.

Sadly, the one-of-a-kind watch—created by Kyoto-based agriculture company Takii Seeds—is just for fun and not available for purchase. But we shall continue to dream.