Credit: © Masha Maltsava

Even if you’re not one of Hannah Bronfman’s 117,000 Instagram followers, you may have spotted the 26-year-old’s new Banana Republic ads or used her Beautified app to book last-minute blowouts and manis. A DJ-turned-health blogger at HBFit, Bronfman dreamed up a tool that applies the convenience of Uber to spa reservations and launched it in less than a year. Now live in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the app attracts both women and men (who apparently prefer it for haircuts and massages). Here, we ask Bronfman about some of her best healthy tips and beauty fixes, including a strange use for aluminum foil that she swears by.

What beauty treatments do you splurge on?
I get monthly lymphatic drainage massages from Monica Watters. Toxins usually build up in your lymphs, and this gets them out. I definitely splurge on it and save up for it. I also use Natura Bissé sheer eye cream, which does a great job of concealing and illuminating.

How about any budget beauty buys?
I love Kiss My Face and St. Ives. I use their cucumber mask and apricot scrub, respectively. Drugstore mascara, like Maybelline, is also very good.

After a big night, what are your tricks to hiding a hangover?
This is really random: I put ripped-up pieces of aluminum foil in the freezer for a few minutes and then put them on my face like you would a mask. Cold aluminum foil helps detox your face. Also, water is a no-brainer. I have a big glass before going to bed and a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

Through your blog and Instagram, it's pretty obvious that food and health are a big part of your life. How do you balance the two?
I am fully obsessed with food. My mom [Shaft actress Sherri Brewer] had food allergies, became a vegetarian and raised us that way as well. It wasn’t until I was 16 or 17 that I had meat for the first time, and it was amazing. I felt really annoyed and deprived. So right then and there I devoted myself to expanding my palate and exploring the world of food in the way I would like, to consume food in a healthy way. I am open to anything. I have tried so many different diets, and what I have learned is that you need to do what is best for you.

What foods do you feel have beauty benefits?
Dark green veggies and healthy fats like avocado. Each morning I wake up and have a non-fruit smoothie of greens, which doesn’t sound very appetizing, but my body is used to it. I also have a protein shake every day, made with vanilla protein powder, almond milk and some ice. It helps me stay satisfied and nourishes my muscles. I have been doing a lot of weight training lately and have found myself getting leaner. I think there is a big misconception that women who weight train and drink protein smoothies bulk up. I found that it actually leans you out.

What is your ideal day of eating?
Usually for breakfast, I have three eggs, kimchi, avocado and Sriracha. I don't get there as often as I would like, but for lunch I love ABC Kitchen's roasted carrot salad. I also love Chia Bars. I have the dark chocolate and cherry one in my pocket almost always.

For dinner, I like to make something healthy. I recently made summer rolls with baked chicken, great raw colorful vegetables like peppers and kale, sprouts, cucumber and avocado with a side of almond butter peanut sauce.

Where do you find style and fashion inspiration?
There are a few bloggers I love. Aimee Song is well thought-out and gives me inspiration for everyday outfits like what to pair with jeans. Eleonora Carisi has really interesting style and takes very beautiful photos. And Peace Love Shea is very good for brand discovery.

And brands or stores that you can’t get enough of?
Miu Miu, Reformation, Fendi. I am obsessed with Curve, Balmain, but I try to block online shopping from my computer. I had a serious problem when I was in college, so I really try not to.