By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 25, 2016
© Elemental Studios / Alamy

Sending people fruits and vegetables in the mail for a laugh isn’t just a bizarre trend… it’s apparently a lucrative bizarre trend. Last August, CNBC reported that the guy who runs Potato Parcel was making $10,000 a month shipping people potatoes with a message written on them. Now, in an interview with NBC’s Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, the brains behind Bananas Gone Wild – a company that ships decorated bananas – said “the projections are to over $100,000” for how much he thinks he will make this year.

Davonte Wilson, who works out of his home in Plano, Texas, launched Bananas Gone Wild last year, but thanks to the web’s obsession with anything that involves mailing people produce, he’s already decorating as many as 75 bananas per day. “I'm in shock that you can just take something so simple and introduce it into the world and people love it,” he told NBC. Um… You’re shocked?? How do you think we feel?

On Bananas Gone Wild, customers can either request certain specific banana designs or build their own using a web-based banana builder app, all starting at just $9.99. You can crunch the numbers yourself, but based on the $10 charge, Wilson is trending to design over 10,000 bananas this year. I’m suddenly feeling slightly less envious of him.

Still, it’s good to see someone doing what they love. Or, at the very least, making a lot of money decorating bananas. My only suggestion would be to invest that money wisely. I’m not too bullish on the growth of banana decorating market over the next five years.